Club 400

Thank you to all 300 of our “Club300” members for your ongoing support. There are 2 months left in this year’s draw and all current Club300 members will have received an automatic invitation in to renew for 2024-25. All those doing so retain the same number. Any queries, please contact

If you are not in Club300, you can sign up for next year (September 2024-25) as we are moving to “Club400” (400 members in total). To support your club, click on of the links below. You can choose either a single payment of £120 or 12 monthly instalments of £10 – just follow instructions. First draw Tuesday 3 September 2024.

Paid in Full as £120 single payment Club 2024 – Paid in One Instalment

Pay In 12 Instalments of £10 Club 2024 – Pay In Instalments

How to join Naomh Brid Club 400How to join Naomh Brid Club 400As always, your support is much needed and greatly appreciated.

With thanks,
The Fundraising Team


How to join Naomh Brid Club 400

By martinmccarney Thu 6th Jun