St Brigids Club Membership 2021


Membership FAQ

When does the GAA membership year run from, to?

In normal circumstances, the GAA year runs from 1st January to 31st December.


How are membership rates agreed?

Under the Club Constitution the annual subscription paid by the members of the Club shall be determined by the Executive Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting. All fully paid members attending the AGM have the right to vote for or against the membership rates proposed by the Executive Committee.


What about special discounts, are they agreed separately?

The Club can decide on any special discounts that may be offered at the AGM through the process outlined above. They cannot be agreed outside the AGM.


Can the rates be changed, or discounts offered during the year?

Membership rates can be only be changed through an Extraordinary General Meeting.


How do I access Foireann?

The majority of playing members will already have used Foireann during 2020 under the Return to Play function.  Login details can be retrieved using the ‘forgot username’ or ‘forgot password’ function.  If you have never used the system before complete the short registration form and you will be brought to the home page.


What category of membership should I choose?

You should choose the category listed from those available.  You should select the appropriate category if you are a player to ensure you are appropriately covered by the GAA/LGFA/Camogie Association Player Injury Fund.


I am trying to pay family membership but my family members are not on my profile.

Before you pay your membership you need to set up your family on Foireann.  Adults in the family must accept an email invite to connect their profiles. Children can be added to the profile by either adult.  Additional guidance is available on the club website and on the GAA links available online.


I am a coach for a ladies team, should I register for LGFA/Camogie or GAA?

Any male or a non-playing female involved in coaching should select GAA.  A female coach who is also a player should register membership appropriately as LGFA or Camogie.


I am a female non-playing member, should I select GAA or LGFA?

All male and female non-players should select GAA.  LGFA & Camogie membership is only for female playing members.


I have paid my membership but some of my family have an amber tab next to their name whilst others have green. Have I done something wrong?

No, everything is fine.  LGFA member profiles are amber until the fees due to the LGFA are paid by the club.  Everyone in your family is a registered member.