Update on Saturday’s fixtures

P2/P1: 12.00-1.00pm at St Brides Parish Hall, Derryvolgie Avenue. Meet there 15mins before

P4/P3: 10.00-11.00pm at Andersonstown Leisure Centre. Meet there 15mins before

P6/P5: We have 2 teams entered. One will play 1.00-2.00 and the other team will play 2.00-3.00. Both teams play at Saints Youth Club, Summerhill Drive, Twinbrook. Teamer notifications will be sent out for each session. If you have any enquiries please email Ciaran at ciaran@thegrant.org.uk

The Bríd Óg U12 Squad

The Bríd Óg U12 Squad

Sunday :
U12s: 1 PM to 3 PM at Dunville Park. Meet there 15 minutes before start time

By jbduffy Fri 26th Feb