Caitlin-Fryers-Attacking-Midfielder caitlin-fryers-jessica-clarke

Our talented young U16 Ladies footballer Caitlin Fryers is maybe not the one you want to pick an argument with on the Gaelic field!

She might be slight in stature , but last week she returned from Keszethely in Hungary having picked up a bronze medal for Ireland at the European Championships where in the Junior 48kg weight, she hammered out a unanimous decision over Rumania’s Cristina Acioloanitei before losing narrowly to the Ukranian champion. She also counts 4 Irish national, 4 Ulster and 4 Antrim titles amongst her collection, along with several other trophies!

If you ever have the chance to watch Caitlin on the pitch, you’ll notice that she also boasts some silky soccer skills which when combined with her strength, stamina and tenacity makes her quite a handful for anyone unlucky to be marking her!

A number of our Gaelic girls, across a number of our teams are dual and triple sportswomen where they compete in such diverse activities such as camogie, soccer, netball, basketball, swimming, athletics, rugby, hockey….and of course BOXING, to name but a few!

Talented lasses indeed!