U12 Hurling v Gort Na Mona

May 27th, 2014 | Hurling, Hurling U-12, Primary School, Primary School - Hurling

Venue : Enwright Park

Date: 26th May 2014
Thank you to Darren for compiling the report
1st Half
The Game set off in a high tempo with Gort opting to play ‘downhill’ in the first half.
Sean placed a shot wide of the posts early on.
A ball played into the square was met by Pearse who recorded first score with a fine goal.
Gort were pushing forward but the defence and midfield dealt with all that came their way – especially Joe in nets who made some great early blocks and Luke, Shane, Gerard, Paudraig and Andrew worked very hard to get ball back out wide/midfield to Oisin, Brendan and Connla.

Another high ball into the Gort goal area was met By Jack D. who hammered it into the goal for the second score and this was a goal of the highest quality which would have been applauded at any pitch in the country.

The game got a bit scrappy due to the match becoming physical which included a knock on the head for Shane. When play resumed the ball made it’s way into the Gort goal area again and this time the sliotar was put over the bar by Pearse for his second score.

A busy Connla then placed a good attempt at a point just wide.

Andrew then placed two point attempts wide as he came strongly into the midfield action with some good breaks and catches.

Sean then got hold of a loose ball and scored another point whilst Niall’s shot was saved by the very good Gort goalkeeper.

Sean followed up with another goal after a strong shot across the net beat the Gort keeper.

The last score of the half was by young Niall who scored a goal from close range – just desserts for all his first half work

Connla was putting in a great performance from midfield when he made a couple of great blocks which stopped the stronger Gort players from getting the ball forward. When the sliotar did get pass the midfield it was ably mopped up by the busy and effective Gerard, Paudraig and Oisin, together with Joe our keeper who was able to burst through tackles and send the sliotar to safety.

At half time:

Gortnamona  0 : 0

Brid Og  4 : 2
2nd Half
Right from the throw-in the Gort side were determined to make amends for failing to score in the first half and they narrowly put two efforts wide before they got a point with their 3rd attempt.

For Brid Og, Andrew again placed a shot wide but he was growing in confidence thru out the game.

It took a while to come but the first score for BO came when Connla and Sean combined well and hardworking Connla got his first point of the match. This was followed up by BO making good use of passing the ball around and a ball into the Gort goal area was dispatched into the goal by Pearse. It was good to see Pearse , Luke and Jack D defending from our forward lines and making runs into space with the result that they got scores from the service they were getting from midfield.

Gort were still pushing forward and the BO defence was very busy – on one thwarted attack by Gort it was Shane who made a terrific block on the ball before gathering and releasing forward to Brendan who brought it forward and fired a shot over for his first score. This was followed by another point from distance by Sean. Sean had the chance to get another with a free in midfield but put his effort wide of the posts. Gort then pushed forward and got a great point after some good passing work by their midfield. However, this was cancelled out almost immediately after Connla’s great sideline cut found Sean alone in the midfeld area –with a catch and turn he put the ball over for another excellent pointed score.

Gort then replied with a fine goal of their own to remind BO that they were not going to lie down. However, as the pressure mounted on the BO goal it was Joe who made a fantastic close range block on what seemed to be a certain goal bound shot – he recovered the ball and not for the first time cleared it out the wing to a busy Oisin who was winning most of his battles for possession of the ball.

Another combination of Connla and Sean saw Connla get a fine goal with a stinging shot at the Gort net’s. Connla fired off another shot but sent it wide. Gort then got the ball forward up to the BO nets and again Joe have to make a very fine save to deny the Gort player a goal.

Sean placed another shot wide before getting the chance to take a free from close distance – he opted for a goal and his strong shot found the corner of the net.

This was followed great play from Brendan and Andrew – Brendan took a free out near the sideline and hit it across the field to Andrew who was running into space. Andrew cleanly caught the ball and then fired off a shot which went wide of the posts – it would have been a memorable score had it come off as it showed the boys are thinking about the passing of the ball. Brendan then had another chance himself but he too put that wide before the referee’s whistle blew for full time.

At full time:

Gortnamona  1 : 2

Brid Og  6 : 7

Brid Og Panel

Andrew, Brendan, Connla, Gerard, Jack D, Joe, Luke, Niall, Oisin, Paudraig, Pearse, Sean, Shane