On 26th August a total of 40 kids headed off from Shane Park to Croke Park to see the All-Ireland Minor and Senior Semi-final games. For many of the kids this was there first ever visit to Croke Park and what a memorable day it was.

After we got all of the kids past the numerous ” hats flags and headband ” sellers (eventually!!) it was time to take our seats in the Nally Stand at Croke Park and settle down to the Minor game between Tyrone and Mayo. Tyrone proved the better side on the day winning with a 3 point margin Tyrone 0-11 : Mayo 0-8

The Senior Semi-final between Galway and Derry looked as if it was going to be a great day for Ulster Football but Galway never gave up as Derry tried to pull away. Galway snatched victory with only minutes to go with a left foot goal from Matthew Clancy being the final decider to leave a scoreline of Galway 1-14 Derry 1-11.

Following the game, what turned out to be a long journey home began with a short(!!) walk to where the coach was parked. The journey was broken by a food stop at McDonalds – where an order was placed for 18 Big Macs, 11 McChicken Burgers and 15 McNuggets – all with fries of course! As well as the food McDonalds must have supplied the kids with more straws than they had ever given out before in a single day (ask the kids about that one!).

We arrived back at Shane Park at 10.30pm after a very enjoyable day. A word of thanks to all the patient parents who were kept waiting for our return.

Bookings now open for the next “St Brigids Away Day” !!