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A Minute With…Shane Boyle

August 21st, 2018 | A Minute With..., Archive News, Latest News, Mens Senior, Mens Senior & Reserves

A Minute With…Shane Boyle

On the day our Minors take on St Paul’s in the Championship (MUSGRAVE, 7.15PM!), straight from the golf course in San Diego it’s one of our South Antrim Championship-winning Minors from 2014, Shane Boyle, in today’s ‘A Minute With’…


1. Name? Shane Boyle
2. Age? 21

3. Playing position/role in club? Water carrier
4. Favourite film?
Mamma Mia
5. Favourite song?
6. Favourite food/meal?
Birdseye range is hard to beat but my favourite is chicken dippers with a splash of ketchup
7. Favourite holiday destination?
8. Favourite pitch to play on?
Limelight dance floor
9. Favourite club memory?
Being the Maor Uisce for the intermediate final last year
10. Worst club memory?
When Decky hung up the coaching bib
11. Unsung club hero?
Dermot McMenamin
12. Best player played with?
Eddie Gildea…could open a tin of beans with his left foot
13. Best match you were involved in?
12th September 2008 Cranmore Colts debut vs Linfield
14. Favourite quote?
“Stop acting the Charlie” Decky Boyle
15. Best advice ever received?
Make sure there is ice in the water
16. What other club do you like to see do well other than St Brigid’s?
The Aggies especially when Rory Compston is banging them in up top
17. Favourite player growing up?
Tim Henman
18. Best trainer on the team?
Kevin “Hovis” McGovern
19. Worst trainer on the team?
Cathal “cue-ball” Conway…never shuts his mouth long enough to finish the sprints
20. Up and coming player to watch?
Neil “Frank” O’Reilly…always showed promise
21. Favourite thing about the GAA?
Being able to tell everyone about that great pass I kicked with the outside of my boot when I was 15
22. Where would you like to see St Brigid’s in ten years time?
Under the watchful eye of Decky Boyle