GAA Code of Conduct

September 13th, 2017 | Latest News

Message from Club Chairman

Can I please ask everybody to refer to : Our Games – Our Code – Dealing with Alleged Breaches of the Code of Best Practise in Youth Sport which at present can be found on the GAA website and has been adopted by the Club Committee.

The information within this document provides you with details as to what processes are in place within the GAA to ensure that we protect not only our children, but our coaches, referees, parents, and indeed everyone involved in the club, and that we show respect for anybody who comes into contact with our club.

If you have any concerns about any matter which may arise, you have the option to contact either our Child Protection Officer or the Secretary of the Club and their details can be obtained through e-mailing Phil Convery at

The club understands our responsibilities to all parties and will take any matter seriously if there is a potential to jeopardise any member.

We, as a club, will endeavour to follow through to the best of our ability, the process which has been created by the GAA.

We would urge that all members associated with the club, ensure that their behaviour is in line with the edict of the code and that they ensure that they are not involved in any action which might affect other members of the club. This involves not only direct contact with other members but also communication through social media. This also involves our interaction with other teams. May I also remind members that no material should be placed on these sites which might be inappropriate and would ask that language used should not be inappropriate.

It is vital that in the event of any incident that we are notified at the earliest possible time, so that we can address the matter.

Please be careful and enjoy your time with Naomh Brid.

Is mise

Dermot Dowling